About eight months ago, right about the time that the state and its governor, Rick Snyder, were being blasted for its role in poisoning its residents drinking water, Michigan began running a pilot program to drug test welfare applicants and recipients. Well, the preliminary results are in: not a single person out of the 303 participants has tested positive.

If an applicant refuses a test, she/he forfeits benefits if he or she does, which some argue might lower positive testing rates but, in fact, no one in Michigan’s pilot program refused to take the test.’

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Don’t let Governor Brownback and Kansas claim all the media’s attention and derision. Michigan and Governor Snyder have been following a very similar playbook of state governance that relies heavily on cutting government services to the state’s most needy and starving municipalities and cities with predominantly minority populations of public heath and safety funding and basic services in order to shrink the state’s budget. This is the Republican notion of “business-like” small government at its purest and at its absolute worst. -Danielle Bizzarro



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