Amber Heard and Johnny Depp released a joint statement on their recent divorce settlement earlier this week, which said that Heard would be donating all proceeds from the divorce to a charity, reports Christina Cauterucci. Heard said that “her gift to the ACLU will be earmarked for programs that support survivors of domestic violence,” as well as to a children’s hospital where she had volunteered for a decade.

Ever since Heard came forward with abuse allegations against Depp, notes Cauterucci, she’s had to combat “both implicit and explicit accusations of making it all up to get his money, even after she dropped her request for temporary spousal support to focus on proving Depp’s alleged history of physical abuse.”

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As Cauterucci points out, seven million dollars is nothing to a star of Depp’s stature but is quite a significant sum to the rest of us, including Heard. And yet, she willingly gave it up to make a very important point and to do some real good. Kudos to you Ms Heard and thank you. -Danielle Bizzarro


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