In Houston, Texas, a select group of women, most over the age of 65, gathered at Sissy Farenthold’s “to drink tea and talk politics,” reports Megan Carpentier, and they’re not at all happy with “the lack of standards or decency in modern politics.”

Farenthold, among her many accomplishments, was the first woman to represent her county in the Texas legislature, in 1968, and was runner-up in the Democratic primary run-off for Texas governor in 1972.

At 89, Farenthold is still active, working with the local League of Women Voters. Here at her home, says Carpentier, she is surrounded by friends and colleagues, other equally vocal, politically active and accomplished women, including Suzanne Brinsmade, 81, one of the original editors of Seventeen and Phyllis Frye, 68, the first transgender judge in the U.S.

While they all had their particular bones to pick, they all seemed to see the media as a (sometimes unwitting) accomplice.

Hear more of what they all had to say at The Guardian


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