Domestic violence doesn’t just impact its victims.  It dramatically affects the kids who live at the home too. Research has proven that when children witness violence at home, they come to school stressed, angry and sad. Oftentimes, they act out at school as they have very few outlets and little to no resources to help them deal with the trauma. Why?

Because domestic violence is too often a shameful secret that no one will talk about. Victims stay quiet because they live in fear and see no way out. Children watch this and take it in. They too feel and see no way out.

But the effect of violence doesn’t end there. Kids who act out in school also have an impact on their classmates. The classroom is affected as the teacher has to deal with the disruption, too often on an ongoing basis. Counselors can help, if they are available, but the single biggest potential for change is when the domestic violence is reported.

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