Many see the shooting of Keith Lamont Scott by police on Charlotte’s northeast side on Tuesday as a “tipping point in growing divisions between white and black, rich and poor, police and racial minorities,” reports the Los Angeles Times.

Scott is the “sixth person to be fatally shot by Charlotte-Mecklenburg police since September 2015,” says the Times, including one Latino man, one Asian man and three Black men. “With one exception, all the officers involved in the prior shootings were white; the other was black.”

The sometimes violent protests that erupted after this fatal shooting have revealed “a rift” in a city that likes to point to celebrate its diversity and prosperity.

Gerald Johnson, who runs the Charlotte Post, an African American newspaper, and leads Black Lives Matter in Charlotte says he understands the protestors’ frustration without condoning the violence because despite the city’s diversity and newly found wealth, the poverty and racial division has only gotten worse.

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