Yes, sexism is indeed the root cause of the earning gap between men and women in the workplace, said a study by Australian researchers earlier this month: “women ask for wage increases just as often as men, but their employers are 25 percent less likely to give it to them.”

“This week,” reports L.V. Anderson, “ and the consulting firm McKinsey released their second annual Women in the Workplace study,” and “its findings are drearily familiar.”

In a summary of the report in the Wall Street Journal,  Sheryl Sandberg, the founder of, says this: “Women are still underrepresented at every corporate level and hold less than 30% of roles in senior management,” and “continue to lose ground incrementally the more senior they become.”

“In fact, women’s share of the pie grows smaller and smaller at each step up the corporate ladder,” writes Anderson, with women representing “46 percent of entry-level employees but only 19 percent of members of C-suite-level leaders.”

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