Tom Brady is a superstar quarterback who makes millions of dollars. He lives in a world of privilege as he derives his income from being one of the best quarterbacks ever. Period.  He and Donald Trump are friends.

Now many will suggest that his support and friendship of Donald Trump should be off limits. That there should somehow be a separation between sports and politics.  That his stature as a sports star should earn him a pass….

Tom Brady and Donald Trump are friends and when asked about Trump’s comments about being able to grab a woman’s pussy because he was famous he had nothing to say.   From the  Guardian:

 Last week, in the wake of Trump’s unpleasant boast that he could “grab women by the pussy” without their consent because he was so famous, Brady was asked by a reporter at Patriots media day: “Tom, you have kids of your own … how would respond if your kids heard Donald Trump’s version of locker-room talk?”

Tom suggests his lack of an answer has to do with not distracting the team. Really? His friendship with Trump has nothing to do with it?

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