Joe McKnight, a former NFL player for the New York Jets and KansasCity, was shot dead by Ronald Glasser in broad daylight in Terrytown, Lousiana.  There are different accounts of what happened. The police are saying that a witness who said initially that Glasser pulled McKnight, who was Black, out of his car and shot him as McKnight was attempting to diffuse the situation is not accurate. They said that three casings were found inside Glasser’s car and not outside his vehicle.  Glasser stayed at the scene and was later questioned and released by the cops.  McKnight was not armed.

Sheriff Norman of Jefferson Parish Country held a press conference  where he disputed what has been reported.  Norman was clear that in his opinion that his department’s handing of the case was not about race. He also made a point of saying that Joe McKnight’s stepfather had actually worked for the department and that many of the people who were present were friends with his family.

Prosecutors may still file charges.  McKnight was just 28 years old and was looking forward to signing with the Minnesota Vikings.  He will never get that chance.

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