Former governor and now Vice President-Elect Mike Pence created one of the nation’s largest taxpayer funded voucher programs in his home state of Indiana.

The program was marketed, reports Stephanie Mencimer, as a way to give poor, minority children a “way out” of bad public schools and was initially launched by Pence’s predecessor Republican Gov. Mitch Daniels.

“Pence’s school choice experiment demonstrates that vouchers can create a host of thorny political problems and potential church- and-state issues,” Mencimer points out.

Pence and the state’s GOP-controlled legislature, however, raised the income limits on the then-modest program and removed most requirements that students come from a public school, notes Mencimer, so that “families already attending private school eligible for tuition subsidies, thus removing any pretense that the vouchers were a tool to help poor children escape failing schools.”


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