The California Carbon Project is paying to bring waste from cities to farmers in California. They are testing the hypothesis that not only will this compost enrich the soil but that it will also take carbon emissions out of the atmosphere. If it were to work, it would be an incredible weapon in the battle to combat climate change.

The Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service will be conducting the research to see what the actual impact is and whether it is a boon for farmers. If it is there is funding in place that would support farmers in purchasing the waste.

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    • This type of agriculture is not only good but acceptable and it’s the best according to agricultual sturdies of which some politicians are still lacking a wide range of knowledge about it, fire example Mr.Donald Trump is heading to change the climatical fact of climate change as a result of man’s influence by use of environment un- friendly gasses and poor farming. This will be a good resource for Cleaning our Inviroment and climate from carbon pollution. Go Carifonia famers and thanks for this beautiful tea plantation.

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