Thousands of women are murdered by family members each year in the name of honor killings in the Middle East and parts of Asia. But these killings are anything but honorable. Six years ago five women in Northwest Pakistan were slain for clapping and laughing at a party, after a video of them was posted on the Internet. The Washington Post reports that,

“Even in Pakistan, where hundreds of  “honor killings” are reported every year, this case was extreme. According to court filings and interviews with people who investigated it, the families confined the girls for weeks, threw boiling water and hot coals on them, then killed them and buried them somewhere in the Kohistan hills.”

What’s shameful is family members of the five girls concealed the killings, and pretended their daughters were still alive.  In October of this year, Pakistan passed a law that made these killings illegal. This law, however, has done very little to deter these murders. They are rarely reported, and people who speak up against them often end up dead.  Organizations like the AHA Foundation work to elevate the status of women globally. –Ellison Walcott


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