The Washington DC Council voted on Tuesday to give working parents one of the most generous universal paid leave policies in the nation. “More than half a million private-sector workers in the city will be eligible for up to eight weeks of paid maternity or paternity leave,” reports Alice Miranda Ollstein, “up to six weeks of paid family leave, and up to two weeks of paid medical leave.”

“I ran out of all of that before my son could even breathe on his own, much less come home,”Diana Kelly Alvord told ThinkProgress. “And once he came home, he needed more outpatient surgeries.”

The Council debated the policy  for over a year, says Ollstein, which is based on a model used by California, New York, New Jersey, and a number of other countries. Advocates say the policy “provides stability and predictability to workers and businesses” while sharing its cost fairly among large and small employers.

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