Washington Post Reporter, Anthony Faiola writes about the similar paths to power by the current Polish government and Donald Trump’s bid for the White House. They used the same catchphrase to reel in voters:  “Drain the swamp and roll back the legacy of the current administration.” But as described in Faiola’s article draining the swamp in Poland was just code for marginalization and oppression.

“In the land of Law and justice, anti-intellectualism is king. Polish scientists are aghast at proposed curriculum changes in a new education bill that would downplay evolution theory and climate change and add hours for “patriotic” history lessons.”

From Steve Bannon to Senator Jeff Sessions to Betsy Davos to Andrew Pudzner all of them part of Trump’s team all of them and all of them reflective of the same kind of bait and switch that these kinds of politicians do. They suggest that they are going to clean house when in fact what they do is make it more white, more male and more entitled.

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