Donald Trump’s inauguration is slated to be the biggest disappointment in the history of presidential inductions. The White House doesn’t seem to have the clout to attract A-List talent, even though in a recent tweet, Trump claims top stars are begging for tickets, according to a Washington Post article.

“A Trump tweet on Thursday night seemed to be a defense against the drumroll of recent reports about celebrities who have turned down gigs to perform or otherwise be involved in his inauguration next month,” says Heil.

Donald Trump is the most unpopular president ever elected. In the past, stars have flocked to presidential inaugurations, even if they were from opposing parties. Unlike other president-elects,  who normally have a honeymoon period, there doesn’t seem to be one in his future. Trump ran on an anti-establishment platform, and he is anything but. It’s almost certain that his approval rating, which is historically low, will only decline.  – Ellison Walcott



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