The world is on edge, with crucial elections for 2017 that could be affected by the looming populist movement that passed the Brexit referendum and elected Donald Trump in the US and Andrzej Sebastian Duda in Poland. The same concerns about voter suppression and rigging that occurred in the US election also plague many countries. For now, American democracy is in stasis before the new president and Congress assume power.

“As the flames of election fervor finally die down in the US, they are being whipped up around the globe. International results largely will be characterized as either pro- or antiglobalization and, in some cases, by a lack of democratic street cred,” writes Moran.

The peaceful transfer of power in America may merely be a façade, as many people are fearing what a Trump presidency could bring. The grief and sadness over Obama’s leaving and Clinton’s loss still prevails. Communities are uniting to create peaceful ways to stop anti-democratic backlash. Boycotting has been one such method, but in the long run, will certainly not be enough. How we should move ahead exactly to preserve our freedoms and to fortify our democracy is yet to be determined. – Ellison Walcott

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