Whether North Korea is a real risk to world order is a highly debated topic as Kim Jong Un rattles sabers at the United States. Their recent threat to test Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICBM) has many people questioning the validity of the claim that they are in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon that could reach the United States, writes Katie Hunt.

Instead of responding to the threat head on, Donald Trump has tweeted that it’s China’s responsibility to rein in North Korea, since their financial gain is directly related to American imports.

“But, if his tweets are any guide, analysts say that Trump has backed himself into a corner on North Korea. They say Trump needs to reach for a new playbook if he really wants to stop Kim from adding to his arsenal a rocket powerful enough to reach any part of the US,” writes Hunt.

Trump’s inauguration is 18 days away, and it would seem that North Korea and its allies are intentionally trying to create fear and mistrust across the globe. North Korea has never really been able to successfully create a long-range missile, because they don’t have the technology, and no one is likely to give it to them. America set the line of demarcation during the Korean War. U.S. leaders already know, you don’t battle with China, because they have billions of people. It’s a lost cause. Kim Jong Un’s threat is emotional terrorism and a ploy to destabilize world order. – Ellison Walcott


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