For those women who work and who have families the struggle to find and maintain affordable child-care is a very real obstacle to having children.  If one is lucky to even get paid maternity leave the effort to secure a place for one’s newborn before having to go back to work is enormously stressful. The lack of quality childcare means that more often than not there are long waiting lists. While a few employers help to provide care, most do not.

I was lucky enough to have a neighbor who we trusted to look after our girls when they were born and my husband had a very flexible job that allowed us to only need her a few hours a week.  At the time I worked part time and we were able to make it work.  Once I went to work full time we need to find a daycare that we could afford and was close. We were turned down, we were put on waiting lists and eventually, we were able to secure a part-time daycare that cost thousands of dollars. The process was awful, stressful and costly.

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