“I know what it is like to seek the love of an abusive father-like figure,” says Paula M. Fitzgibbons who sees a striking similarities between her abusive step-father and President-elect Donald Trump. “My new father honed in on my mother’s desperation and used it to choke her into submission.” Trump too, argues Fitzgibbons swooped when a substantial portion of the population was feeling desperate and made millions of Americans feel that they couldn’t make it without him, that he was doing it all for them.

“Trump really isn’t all that original in his cruelty. Men seeking power have been torturing women over menstruation and beauty for years,” Fitzgibbons points out.

Fitzgibbons’ step-father also “worked tirelessly to divide” the family, lying and manipulating situations to make her mother a collective target to orchestrating bitter estrangements between her mother and her children. Essentially, Fitzgibbons says, “he made sure that we were never a unified faction that might rise up against him.” Sound familiar?

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