The best predictor of violence is past violence. For those that commit domestic violence, it is not a one-time event and the factor that domestic violence and mass shooting have in common is the shooter. Many of the mass shootings that have taken place are by men who have past records of domestic violence, in other words, it is a precursor, a warning signal that should not be ignored. Too often even when victims report violent incidents there is very little that can be done legally. The laws aren’t drafted in a way to protect victims as they are often designed to protect the rights of gun-owners. And those laws that do exist that attempt to limit the rights of the abusers to own guns, aren’t often enforced.

What can be done? Researchers and activists have advocated for universal background checks and a new strategy that California has implemented called a gun-violence restraining order.

According to Vox,

Much like a domestic violence restraining order, a gun violence restraining order gives a concrete, emergency legal step for victims or concerned family members to take if they know that someone close to them is dangerous. They can petition the court to prohibit the person from buying or possessing a gun for a defined period of time — a year, for instance.


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