A bill has been introduced in Russia, to decriminalize the first instance of domestic violence committed by an individual. It not only applies to violence against adults but violence against children as well. According to BBC, one of the authors of the measure, a conservative woman, suggested that the law was interfering with Russian family “traditions.”  The attempt to rollback of the current laws in place is in response to tougher laws against family violence.

Russia, like most nations, has a problem with domestic violence.  The BBC reported,

Estimates based on regional studies suggest some 600,000 women in Russia face physical and verbal abuse at home and 14,000 die from injuries inflicted by husbands or partners each year – almost 40 a day.

These traditional values that are espoused by conservatives around the world are often meant to keep women from having an unconditional right to be safe, even in the confines of their home.  Given that the very conservative wing has taken over the GOP and given that the President-elect is a sexist, can we expect that women’s rights and children’s right will fall in favor of white male rights in Trump’s America?

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