Before the election, it looked as though the private prison industry might become a thing of the past, especially after the Justice Department found in late summer that they were more dangerous than federally managed ones and in need more oversight, reports Lauren-Brooke Eisen. And the Department of Homeland Security was considering to do the same with detention centers.

“Within a week, the Justice Department announced it would phase out private prisons to house federal inmates,” says Eisen.

All that changed virtually overnight. Trump’s victory was “a game changer,” said CNBC, with stock prices for the two largest private prison corporations rising dramatically.

Still wondering who’s going to profit most from Trump’s swamp drain? For-profit corrections are a $5 billion industry, notes Eisen.  So, we’d better start thinking long and hard about private prison reform and how these firms might innovate as well as how we might hold them more accountable.

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