Donald Trump believes that climate change is a hoax perpetrated by the Chinese. How the Chinese could perpetrate a hoax and get 98% of the scientific community behind them is just the kind of absurd reasoning that Trump is known for. Facts are meaningless, especially scientific ones.

His nominees for many of the top positions in his administration are also climate deniers. While Trump may be motivated by lack of critical thinking skills, these men have a far more typical reason for wanting to deny what the worldwide scientific community agrees on – profit.

Accordingly, environmental groups are fighting back.  Natasha Geiling writes:

Across the country — over television airwaves, in local congressional offices, and even in the halls of Congress — environmental groups have been actively pressuring lawmakers on both sides of the aisle to oppose nominees like Tillerson, Oklahoma Attorney General and EPA administrator nominee Scott Pruitt, former Texas governor and nominee for Secretary of Energy Rick Perry, Alabama senator and Attorney General nominee Jeff Sessions (R), and Montana representative and Secretary of Interior nominee Ryan Zinke.

No thinking person can deny that man has impacted our climate unless the motivation to make money exceeds their concern and respect for our environment.

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