People with disabilities are expected to be participating in the Women’s March in Washington in unprecedented numbers, according to organizers.

Donald Trump’s mocking imitation of a reporter with a disability during his presidential campaign was, according to a Bloomberg poll (conducted before the Access Hollywood tape leak) notes Liz Plank, “his most egregious and inexcusable act for all voters regardless of ability.”

Trumps actions, “followed by his patronizing rhetoric on the campaign trail toward a community that represents nearly one in five Americans, was enough to galvanize them to rally together,” says Plank.

Ted Jackson, who’s leading the accessibility team at the Women’s March, told Vox, “Estimates are that [there] are at least 45,000 people with disabilities showing up, which should be the largest assembly of people with disabilities in US history,” outdoing demonstrations like the one organized by advocates after the Senate passed the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).


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