President Trump’s behavior is causing some to question his mental health.  His recent assertion, or shall I say lie, that 3-5 million people illegally voted for Hillary Clinton is a figment of his imagination There isn’t an ounce of proof that what he says is true. Nothing. But that didn’t stop him from having his press secretary Sean Spicer go out and lie to the press falsely citing a Pew study that was done before the election. The author of that study David Becker said there was “zero evidence of fraud in this election.”

Some of his Republican cohorts have admonished him to stop.  Even Paul Ryan who in the past was more than willing to let Trump’s lies go unchallenged said he had seen no evidence of voter fraud. Last night Trump went on ABC News and repeated the same lies.  He also has decided that he is going to order an investigation (think taxpayer money) into this claim.

Paul Krugman, Nobel Memorial Prize-winning economist who is a columnist for the New York Times, tweeted the following,


Eugene Robinson, a Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist for the Washington Post believes that he is “just plain crazy” and cites the following example as proof,

On Wednesday, at a news conference in Florida, Trump said he has never met Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I never met Putin, I don’t know who Putin is,” he said.

Last November, he claimed that he “got to know [Putin] very well because we were both on ‘60 Minutes.’ ” That made no sense; while the two men were featured the same evening on the CBS newsmagazine show, they were interviewed in different cities and would have had no interaction. But there’s more: In 2014, speaking at the National Press Club, Trump said, “I was in Moscow recently and I spoke, indirectly and directly, with President Putin, who could not have been nicer, and we had tremendous success.”

Before the election, a group of psychiatrists called for a mental evaluation of Trump before his taking office. It never happened.

The man is a pathological liar. He is almost it seems incapable of telling the truth. He reacts likes a spoiled child when he feels insulted and now because Hillary Clinton won the popular vote by almost 3 million (fact) he is looking for a way to say he won the votes of the majority of American people. He didn’t.

The scariest thing is that his interest is far more focused on whether he is a legitimate President than on being President.  We aren’t even a full week into his presidency and one wonders whether he can last 30 days.

-Jan Harrison



  1. I totally agree. There must be some clause in the Constitution that would allow congress to require a full mental health evaluation of President Trump. Not only does is he Narcissistic but, from what I have read, exhibits signs of being a Megalomanic. Someone please help us.

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