Marketplace’s Lewis Wallace wasn’t expecting to be fired from public radio job over his blog post about journalistic “neutrality” and the dangers of being a transgender reporter in a new era of “alternative facts,” reports Samantha Allen.

“I thought it was important to carry on that conversation in a public way. It wasn’t my desire to do it at the expense of my own job,” Wallace told The Daily Beast.

Wallace was first suspended and asked to remove his original blog post about the costs of journalistic neutrality during a Trump administration before he was terminated for republishing the post.

Wallace also spoke eloquently about his own position as an out transgender journalist “when basic human rights for transgender people are under siege, says Allen.

“Obviously, I can’t be neutral or centrist in a debate over my own humanity,” Wallace wrote. “The idea that I don’t have a right to exist is not an opinion, it is a falsehood.”


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