Megyn Kelly began the 2016 election season as the “darling daughter of the conservative network,” says Caitlin Flanagan, then just like that, she “began to change before our eyes.”

Kelly proceeded to take on some of the country’s most powerful Republicans including Newt Gingrich, Roger Ailes and Donald Trump himself.


“In some respects,” says Flanagan, Kelly “was an independent actor at Fox, with her own show and ultimate control of its editorial content. But she was also a cog in something turning, and what the great machine ultimately produced was President Donald Trump.”

That Kelly downplays her role in an ugly election that is in part responsible for her own rise makes her like many on the right, notes Flanagan, who “are eager to blur the norm-breaking excesses of the recent past.”

But, argues Flanagan, her rise and crossover to MSNBC, a major network, required her to change her stripes, “which is one reason why so many Americans have lost faith in the mainstream media.”

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