Democratic Senators held the Senate floor all through the night last night to protest Betsy DeVos nomination for the Secretary of Education. From calling her, “fundamentally incompetent” to “embarrassingly unprepared” to “unqualified,” they didn’t hold back in expressing their contempt for her lack of qualifications.

DeVos is a billionaire who has no educational experience, no professional qualifications as an educator and has given millions to the Republican Senators who are likely to vote for her this afternoon. While two Republicans are not going to vote for her, Senator Susan Collins of Maine and Senator Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, the rest of the Senate is on track to confirm her with Vice President Mike Pence’s help.

Unless one more GOP senator decides not to vote for her then it will be a tie and Pence will break it.

It is little consolation that it is the first time in history that a Vice President has had to break a tie on a nominee, given that our children’s educational future will be in the hands of an incompetent, grizzly fearing ass.

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