One day after House science committee Republicans accused government scientists of fabricating climate research, a group of noteworthy Republican no longer in office held a press conference calling for climate action, reports Rebecca Leber, releasing a report titled “The Conservative Case for Carbon Dividends.”

Their report, published by the Climate Leadership Council, “calls for a tax on carbon starting at $40 per ton and rising over time, with revenue returned to taxpayers in the form of quarterly Social Security dividends,” says Leber.

Republican luminaries signing off o, the report included James Baker, secretary of state and treasury in the Reagan and first Bush administrations; Henry Paulson, treasury secretary in second Bush administration; George Shultz, secretary of state under Reagan ; and Martin Feldstein and Gregory Mankiw, chairs of the President’s Council of Economic Advisers under Reagan and George W. Bush, respectively, Leber writes.

They see this “climate” tax as a way to replace EPA regulations on greenhouse gasses, which would include the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan.

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