Trump’s executive order that absurdly cut two regulations for every one that is implemented will have a huge impact on the FDA, a federal agency Americans depend upon to ensure that our food and our drugs are safe and that they have been rigorously tested before they hit the market. That will no longer be the case if Trump and his cronies have their way. They want to cut back on regulations and the testing that drugs have to go through before consumers take them.  The proposal is a pharmaceutical company’s wet dream.

The head of the FDA has yet to chosen but according to Vox’s Julia Belluz: “Some of the potential choices — including Silicon Valley’s Jim O’Neill and Balaji Srinivasan — would be massive departures from tradition.”

“They don’t have medical degrees, and they’ve called for major overhauls, arguing the FDA should dump its requirement that drugs be proven effective, and that we’d be better off if the agency operated more like a ‘Yelp for drugs,'” says Belluz.

Yelp for drugs. God help us.  – Jan Harrison

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