Four years ago, Wayne LaPierre earned the title of the “craziest man on earth” in the tabloids after he refused to admit gun laws had anything to do with the Sandy Hook school massacre.”Today,” reports Lois Beckett, LaPierre “sits at the left hand of the president.”

“Trump seems eager to flatter the National Rifle Association’s executive vice-president and CEO, the leader of the group that became one of his most loyal champions and spent more than $30M to back his candidacy,” says Beckett.

Not surprisingly President Trump has promised his support for a sweeping pro-gun agenda but Trump perhaps owes his biggest thanks to a political strategy that LaPierre perfected. “Trump won the White House,”, notes Beckett, ” and is now governing the country, using the same playbook as LaPierre: always attack, never apologize and treat the news media as the opposition party.”

When Beckett asked Arkadi Gerney, a senior fellow at the Center for American Progress and longtime gun control advocate, what Trump and LaPierre have most in common, Gerney simply said: “Lying.”

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