Questions are swirling around Donald Trump mental fitness. Lay people, as well as medical professionals, have been concerned about his bizarre unpresidential-like behavior. The tweets, the boasting, the over-active ego, the lying, all of it is not what most perceive as normal behavior for the President of the United States. Is he mentally ill? For those of us who don’t have a medical degree, it is easy to make an unprofessional judgment. For those who are licensed and educated to make that call, they are required not by what’s known as the Goldwater Rule — which cautions therapists not to comment on the mental capacity of any person they have not personally examined.

But, as is the case with so many things these days, mental health professionals are stepping up to express their opinions. Therapist Sherry Amatenstein suggests:

Trump is different. In just a few weeks in office he has managed to petrify and enrage the world, obsessing over how many people were at his inauguration, hanging onto a ridiculous voter fraud conspiracy theory, repeatedly lying, threatening foreign leaders, signing ill-thought out executive orders, using his POTUS Twitter account to carry out personal vendettas, ordering Navy Seals to carry out a half-baked raid. … It seems there is no impulse control or apparent ability to consider feedback from anyone who disagrees with him. This is not normal. It is extremely dangerous.


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