Educators at Jefferson Academy — the public school Betsy Devos was temporarily blocked by protesters from entering two days after her confirmation — fired back at the education secretary for saying its teachers “are waiting to be told what they have to do.”

Newly confirmed Secretary of Education Betsy Devos visited Jefferson Academy in Washington, DC on February 1 and was forced to return to her car before entering the school through another entrance.

Less than a week after her visit at Jefferson, DeVos took aim at the school’s teachers, saying that, while some were “genuine, sincere teachers,” they seemed to be in “receive mode,” says Georgantopoulos.

In a statement after the incident DeVos said that while she respected peaceful protest: “No school door in America will be blocked from those seeking to help our nation’s school children.” First off, that sentence is a grammatical nightmare but I think we can get the drift: no one’s going to block Betsy from using the position she’s paid for to dismantle public education, all gushing #LoveTeaching tweets aside.  -Danielle Bizzarro

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