There is no question that the Women’s March on Washington served as a marker for the day the resistance officially began. Millions of people in over 616 marches around the world gathered to support women and to stand up against the coming tyranny of the new administration.

It was a day that provided hope and a connection to a greater good. Marching with purpose helped many of us find a way forward.

It was also the beginning of a story, one that producer Dana Offenbach of CinemaStreet Pictures was determined to tell. Offenbach immediately committed to creating and producing a PSA that would capture the march’s emotion and message, as well as the voices of the many people who participated in it — to offer a reminder of why they came and why they marched.

“This is a project that’s meant so much to me since I first looked to see how I could contribute to the effort and document history,” says Offenbach. “As a storyteller, I knew there would be the need to capture the excitement of the march itself and convey the mixture of outrage and optimism that came out of the experience.”

“I also wanted to create a piece of content that enabled the viewer to feel and hear what it was like to be there.”

Offenbach’s company wasn’t the only woman-owned company to donate their services, BlueRock Editorial and Scarlett, which are part of The Lively Group, volunteered to do the editing and post-production work on the video.

It didn’t take long for executive producer Wendy Brovetto from Scarlett to get on board. “As soon as Dana told us about ‘Why I March,’ we were one-hundred percent behind the project. Making our studios and our talent available to her is one small way we can help spread the passion and conviction of this noteworthy cause.”

Why I March is a combination of interviews shot prior to the march coupled with scenes from the day of the march. It is a powerful and succinct look at an extraordinary moment in time — a day when Americans and people around the world stood together for women. It serves as a wonderful reminder of the power to be found in peaceful collective action and what we must continue to do in the days ahead.

-Jan Harrison



“Why I March” Credits Production: CinemaStreet Pictures, LLC Producer/Director: Dana Offenbach; Director of Photography: Ed Han Coordinator: Mariah Duff Sound Recording: Vera Quispe Editorial: BlueRock Editor: Noelle Webb Assistant Editors: Scott Zeitlen, Elaine White, Chenelle Damas Managing Director: Melissa Nusbaum Executive Producer: Sue Fallon Finishing: Scarlett EVP/Managing Director: Wendy Brovetto Senior Producer: Adam Zeitlen Assistant Producer: Danielle James Color Grade: Yohance Brown, BlueRock Music Composer: Daniel Belardinelli, Ramblin Man





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