Each week there is a new target, another individual, another company who has done something egregious enough to warrant being called out by a political constituency. Donald Trump’s victory inspired one woman to create an entire list of companies that sell Trump products. One of the stores on that list, Nordstrom, eventually dumped Ivanka Trump’s line due to poor sales.

Recent boycotts against Trump have included Uber and Under Armour. But the pendulum swings both ways as pro-Trump supporters are targeting companies that have come out against Trump and his policies. That list includes Pepsi, Oreos, GrubHub and Ben & Jerrys. There are even companies who manage to anger both sides, such as Amazon and Macy’s.

The real questions is do they work? Do enough people engage in a boycott to make a difference? The answer seems to not necessarily be quantifiable by the numbers of people that are participating in a boycott, but rather how loud their voices are and the damage that gets done to a company’s image.

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