It shouldn’t surprise me that Kellyanne once again opened her mouth and drivel came spewing out.  Her inability to understand the truth and reason has long been a hallmark of her rants on television at the service of her boss.

Yesterday at CPAC she once again showed her penchant for the absurd by suggesting that women who opposed Trump “just have a problem with women in power.” A problem with women in power? Really Kellyanne? We voted for Hillary Clinton one of the most powerful women in the world. Were you not in the room? And while many people do have a problem with powerful women, most of them are not progressive or liberal.  And as for your boss’s treatment of women, his misogyny is well-documented. He is a pussy-grabbing sexist who has little use for women.

According to Emily Crockett at Vox,

And not only has Trump been accused of sexual assault by more than a dozen women but he was also caught on tape bragging about it, dismissed that bragging as mere “locker room talk,” and called the women who accused him liars and suggested they were too unattractive for him to sexually assault.

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