Late Wednesday, US Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump administration withdrew an Obama administration guidance directing schools that received federal funding to afford their transgender students their right to use bathrooms consistent with their gender identities, reports Jessica Mason Pieklo.

“The minute Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III was confirmed as U.S. attorney general, the Trump administration set its sights on rolling back civil rights gains of the last 40 years.”

The current administration’s rescinding of that guidance does not however change the law. Title IX of the Education Amendments Act of 1972 “still protects the rights of transgender students to use restrooms and facilities consistent with their gender identities, Pielko argues, “as it always has. What the move does change is the federal government’s recognition of the fundamental humanity of those children.”

“In withdrawing the Obama administration’s guidance on Title IX and transgender student rights, the Trump administration showed neither compassion nor an understanding of how federal law works,” says Pielko.

Education Secretary Betsy DeVos disagreed with Sessions over withdrawing the guidance and the President so. Sessions, however, allegedly gave her the option to change her mind or resign. DeVos caved.

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