A report published this past weekend painted a grim picture of the misogynistic culture women have to deal with while serving in the US military. Hundreds of Marines stationed across the world are currently being investigated, says the report published on the Center for Investigative Reporting’s website, for allegedly sharing nude photos of female service members and veteran without their knowledge or consent, reports Kimberly Lawson.

“Hundreds of Marines throughout the world are facing investigation for sharing nude photos of the women they work alongside… which, experts say, is just one example of the rampant sexual harassment problem in the military,” Lawson notes.

Members of “Marines United,” a Facebook group, allegedly solicited and published explicit images of female service members, some taken without consent, says Lawson, and others taken by the women themselves, though without their knowledge. The folder has been taken down.

In one particularly disturbing instance, says Lawson, commenters suggested the publisher take a female colleague “out back and pound her out.”

Kate Hendricks Thomas, an associate professor of health promotion at Charleston Southern University who serves on the board for Service Women’s Action Network, knows the score: “If you speak to any female Marine, she will have a story about being harassed while she was serving.”

Thomas herself had to walk around with a can of black spray paint so she could “erase” the recurring obscene images of her scrawled on the walls of the portable bathrooms while she was serving as a military police officer in Iraq.

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