When you vote without thought, without taking the time to understand the positions of the people you are voting for, you shouldn’t be surprised when you get screwed by the very people you pledged your allegiance to. Those who supported Trump and voted for him because he supposedly “told it like it is” deluded themselves into believing his lies were the truth. They ignored, and continue to ignore, the facts. Anytime you do that; you do so at our peril — not just your own.

There is no question, given the events since the inauguration, that Donald Trump is not fit to be President of the United States. Each and every day he confirms his complete lack of understanding of what it takes to not only to lead a nation from his bully pulpit but to govern effectively. Displaying one’s emotional immaturity via Twitter is not presidential, and it is clear by its frequency that his staff has no control over him. Had he surrounded himself with people who had a modicum of ethical standards, then we might not find ourselves in a place where the truth has no meaning. Instead, he has surrounded himself with people who are willing to lie and disseminate lies on his behalf. But it is not just the Trump administration that has abdicated distinguishing right from wrong.

Emboldened by a voting block that can’t distinguish real news from “fake news” Republicans have shown an unwillingness to stand up to Trump and to his lies.

They defer and double down when confronted by the media about his lying — whether it is about voter fraud or his newest unfounded accusation against President Obama. But all the drama is serving their purpose as it allows them to pass legislation under the radar. So far, Republicans have already passed legislation that will allow our water and air to be polluted, that deregulates big banks, that allows the mentally ill to buy guns, and that rolls back protection for consumers.

According to the New York Times, they have already passed or changed 90 regulations and:

A total of 46 such Congressional Review Act resolutions are now pending in Congress, on topics including air pollution, unemployment compensation, endangered species listings, debit card fees and oil and gas drilling on federal lands as well as the Arctic Outer Continental Shelf.

And now, as of yesterday, Republicans have finally presented their plan to “replace” the Affordable Care Act. If you have been paying attention, then you won’t be surprised that analysts are saying that it will cause millions of people to lose their health insurance.

Many of Trump’s voters fall into the very populations that will suffer the greatest hardship under the new GOP plan.

Take, for example, coal miners who rely on the ACA to get badly needed treatment for Black Lung disease, or people who are struggling to make ends meet and have health issues or people in rural America. New policies outlined will impact older Americans and Americans who rely on Medicaid.

Trump voters put their lives and the lives of many Americans who desperately need affordable health care insurance at risk. Why? Because they thought Trump offered a better health care plan? He offered no health care plan during the election. Nothing. They relied on empty promises without a policy. Hillary Clinton had a policy that you could go online and read. Did they? Highly doubtful.

Should a plan pass that remotely resembles this one, millions of Americans will find themselves without health insurance.

Those of you who voted for Trump, this debacle and so much else will be your legacy. You don’t get to just blame it on politicians. They got there because you voted for them.

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, but it reassured millions of Americans that should some illness or accident befall them or a member of their family that they would be okay. Comfort also came to those as they knew they were covered and wouldn’t stand to lose their house and everything they had worked for because of health care costs because there were no longer any limits to coverage. Some discovered that they had cancer because they were able to get preventative screenings saving their lives. Parents with children had access to care to keep their family well, no matter what their income.

Not only was the Affordable Care Act successful, it was more successful than predicted. Yet it was another Republican lie that Trump voters chose to believe, even when they knew were benefitting from it.

(And in case you hadn’t heard, the steel that is being used for the Keystone Pipeline will not have to come from American’s steel companies, as Trump promised and the jobs that Trump has supposedly created with Exxon were planned for prior to his taking office. And that wall that Mexico was going to cough up billions for, well that is now ours to pay for, ours being the American taxpayer.)

Every American has an obligation to inform themselves and to think about the repercussions of their vote. Last November, too many Americans stoked their anger with his lies and ignored the evidence of his incompetence because they wanted their voices to be heard without regard for the reality of installing a man unfit to lead this great nation. Trump is not making “America Great Again;” he is making it unrecognizable to those of us who truly care for this nation and all of it citizens – not just the white ones.

– Jan Harrison



  1. This is the best indictment of President Trump and the people who voted for him and how ignorant they are that I’ve seen so far. Kudos!

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