Former conservative British lawmaker turned journalist, Louise Mensch, is at the heart of the Trump administration’s explosive allegation that President Barack Obama ordered a wiretap on him during the 2016 campaign, reports Karla Adam.

“In tweets on Monday, Mensch emphasized that her reporting does not back up Trump’s wiretapping claim, even though the White House cited her article to justify the allegation,” says Adam.

Mensch published her article, “EXCLUSIVE: FBI ‘Granted FISA Warrant’ Covering Trump Camp’s Ties To Russia,” on the right-leaning, libertarian website Heat Street, on the eve of the election. In her report, Mensch said the FBI was granted a FISA court warrant in October “giving counter-intelligence permission to examine the activities of ‘U.S. persons’ in Donald Trump’s campaign with ties to Russia.” The news did not make much of stir at the time, says Adam.

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