Women who sign up to fight for this nation should not have to endure the sexual harassment and assault by their fellow soldiers. The explosive story that came out last week about a private Facebook page called, “Marines United,” which pictures of naked female marines and other women that had over 30,000 members, is just one example among many of the incidents of abuse that women suffer at the hands of men in uniform.

In addition to the physical assault, women also face online harassment. The Guardian interviewed former marines who described being harassed online, assaulted and facing a hostile environment.

In 2013, not long after joining up as an excited 18-year-old, Johnson was raped by a corporal, she alleged in a report to her command. But an investigation resulted in nothing more than a one-rank demotion for her alleged perpetrator for alcohol offenses – and a punishment for her, too, for underage drinking.

She was ostracized for complaining, by both male and female marines, she said, and later the online abuse began. Some marines who tried to stand up for her suffered retaliation themselves, she said. Eventually she was afraid even to go to the chow hall to eat with her cohorts.

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