Breitbart News is under attack by Sleeping Giants a progressive twitter based group that targets companies that advertise on new sites that promote hate speech and “fake news.” According to Vox, their campaign against the white supremacist, alt-right news site is working:

So far, the 1,400-plus advertisers that have withdrawn their ads from the site, typically through third-party ad networks, include such brands as Nordstrom, Zappos, Lululemon, and Etsy, as well as international corporations including Allstate, Mercedes-Benz, Hewlett-Packard, and BP.

Breitbart came to the forefront when Donald Trump put former editor of Breitbart Steve Bannon, as his CEO of his campaign and then his Chief White House Strategist. Since then he has elevated them by suggesting that they, in fact, are a “real” news site when nothing could be further from the truth.

Here is the profile from twitter for Sleeping Giants:


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