It is not easy to be funny especially when performing in front of a group of people. Stand-up has long been a predominately male arena though certainly, women have made inroads in the past several decades. Lead by pioneers such a Joan Rivers, Moms Mabley, Phyllis Diller and more recent comedians Margaret Cho, Samantha Bee, and Kathy Grier women are breaking through on stage and on TV.

Now a new training program for young girls called Gold Comedy is providing young girls with support and a space to learn how to be funny. It is an art form and there is a technique involved and while some come to it more naturally than others there is definitely a skill set that can be developed. But it does more than that. New York Magazine interviewed Lynn Harris the founder of Gold Comedy,

Comedy, Harris says, is a great confidence builder. It encourages you to embrace your insecurities; turn your malaise into material. “What makes you different is what makes you funny and what makes you funny is what makes you strong,” explains Harris. “The message is don’t fix anything about you. Comedy is power and I want more people to have that power.”

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