While Republicans in Washington, DC were hard at work protecting women from indoor-tanning taxes and insurance coverage for abortion, points out Christina Cauterucci, state legislators were “busy with their own women’s-rights pet projects.”

From child marriage to “abortion reversals,” here’s a brief summary of what GOP lawmakers have decided women are and aren’t allowed to do, in just this week alone:

The Republican-led New Hampshire house of representatives voted no on a bill that would have raised the legal marriage age to 18.

Georgia lawmakers gave approved a bill that would require doctors to tell women that they could stop a medical abortion midway through (by taking the first pill but not the second one) despite there being no research that this is either safe or effective. Several other GOP-let statehouses are considering similar legislation on “abortion reversals.”

A Texas bill that would ban trans people from using public restrooms that don’t match the gender on their respective birth certificates passed in committee and is expected to pass the full state senate, led by anti-trans crusader Lieutenant Governor Dan Patrick.

And there is so much more….

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