One-thousand forced abortions are still taking place annually in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC), camps, according to an investigation by the Colombian newspaper El Espectador.

Hector Arboleda Albeidis Buitrago, aka The Nurse, has been extradited from Spain to face trial. The forty-one-year-old Builtrago, who was arrested in Madrid in 2015, is accused of horrific crimes as part of the Colombian rebel group the FARC, including forced abortions, rape and torture of female guerillas, reports Sirin Kale—some of whom fled the fighting “in order to protect their unborn children.”

“As their numbers diminished, maintaining FARC’s numbers became more important than ever. And as female FARC members fight side-by-side with men, a pregnant fighter was one less person able to take up arms against the Colombian government,” says Kale.

As more and more FARC fighters have returned to civilian life, as a result of the ongoing peace talks that began in November 2012, many are starting to open up about their experiences in the camps. Nearly half of all FARC fighters are women.

“[In the guerrilla camps] they teach you that a female guerrilla has the same rights as her male colleagues,” one female fighter told Broadly. “But at the end of the day, she is still a woman. Being a woman in war is tough.”

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