Susan Perabo’s delightful rendition of throwing a football at a child who was dunking her child’s head in the pool left me laughing as I found myself identifying with her rage and ultimate action. Her protective mother bear had come out in full force. It is a feeling I know only too well.

As a mom, I am hyper vigilant to anyone or any situation that my daughters might find themselves in that need my intervention. Given that I am known for being passionate and have no problem speaking my piece, it is a dangerous combination that I am very aware of. I keep a tight lease on myself as I straddle between letting them “handle it” and getting involved.

I expect that as time goes on I will make mistakes, either by taken action or not taking action. Either way I am comforted to know that my daughters won’t stay silent. They take after me.

Read Susan Perabo’s piece at the New York Times


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