There is a new girl on Wall Street and she stands defiantly in front of the famous Wall Street Bull. The metaphor works on all levels. State Street Global Advisors paid for the creation of the statue and its installation. Below the little girl is a plaque that reads Know the power of women in leadership. She makes a difference.

But as Susan Antilla points out the company that installed the piece while attempting to focus on getting more women in place of leadership has its own reality to face.

But let’s get real, girlfriend. State Street, a leader in the “Wall Street wants women to get ahead, really it does” arena, has three women on its 11-person board, two women on its 14-member management committee and 17 women among its 79 executive leaders. And in the financial world, that makes State Street a diversity overachiever.

A is a good thing to see, especially for young girls. Us grown-ups know that there is still a long road ahead.


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