For a start, denying Planned Parenthood federal funding would increase the number of live births by the thousands and cut services for women, particularly in poor, rural areas, all while putting a further strain on the Medicaid program, reports Olivia Becker. These are not partisan talking points but rather come from an analysis of the Republican replacement health care plan by the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office that was released on Tuesday.

Cutting federal funding for Planned Parenthood would mainly affect low-income areas that lack other health care providers, with approximately 15 percent of people in these areas losing access to care and women “without services that help women avert pregnancy,” Becker notes.

And here’s the twist, says Becker, if Republicans have their way and make Planned Parenthood ineligible for Medicaid reimbursements for at least one year, Medicaid spending would actually increase by $77 million by 2026 “since cutting funding to the organization would actually lead to an increase the number of births, many of which would be eligible for Medicaid. Medicaid already pays for nearly half of all live births in this country.”

The CBO also noted that the “defund” provision singles out Planned Parenthood, confirming that the move by Republicans is motivated by political, not budgetary, concerns, Planned Parenthood’s Dana Singiser said in a statement, in which she also urged the Senate to strip the provision from its reconciliation bill.

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