Republicans would like you to believe that late term abortions are an evil act, that selfish women have them because they just don’t want to have a baby. They don’t tell you the stories who women who have had them to save their own life. They don’t know how Darla Jackson had to abort one child to save the other twin’s life. They don’t want you to know and understand how women and parents have to make gut-wrenching decisions that are a matter of life and death. All “they” want to do is to take a woman’s right to an abortion away regardless of whether a woman’s life is on the line, regardless if the child will not survive birth defects and will endure a painful existence for its short life. They prefer you to believe their lies.

Darla Jackson and her husband went all the way to the Czech Republic to get donor eggs because they were cheaper. They were successful and implanted the embryos and were delighted to become pregnant with two twin girls. It wasn’t until their 20 week that they got the terrible news.

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