In country after country, the far right is raising its ugly head. From Donald Trump to Brexit supporter Nigel Farage to Marine Le Pen in France and now, in the Netherlands, where Geert Wilders, head of the Party For Freedom, has become a political force. One way to describe all of these groups (and their efforts) is to use the term ‘white nationalists’ — a too kind way of saying what they really are: white supremacists.

The climate in the Netherlands is much like the one here where nationalism, too, has taken a renewed and ugly turn.

Sylvana Simons, is a Black Dutch woman who is running for office. A television personality, she has long been a prominent voice, more recently choosing to take a stand against racism and sexism. She is now running for a seat in the Netherlands Parliament under a political party that she created called Artikel 1. Since her announcement in December, the vitriol that she has received has been astounding.

According to Broadly:

In June, Simons registered an official complaint at a police station in the Hague, reporting the 40,000 worst threats and racist remarks she’d endured since announcing her candidacy. Twenty people are now being prosecuted for making threats and discriminatory remarks against her.


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  1. Sylvana Simmons is one very brave woman. I’d like to think that she can push back the tide of racist hatred in Europe, but sadly it isn’t that simple. There are and have been powerful forces at work that have created this rising tide, and it’s going to be a fight in each country. Some will win, sometimes, and some will not. These are difficult times for both former colonial subjects and slaves (and their descendants), and for those who support them.

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