Donald Trump is not the Commander in Chief. He wasn’t in the room when the Yemen raid was going, and when a Navy Seal was killed. And now according to reports, he is leaving the strategy in Syria up to “his generals.” This is a far cry from most Presidents and certainly from his predecessor President Obama whose administration including the defense department was engaged at every level, wanting the details prior to authorizing any large scale operation. Last week’s sending of troops on the ground to Syria would have been one of those operations where the White House would have been directly involved.

According to BuzzFeed News,

The manner in which the deployments — the first known of conventional forces to Syria — was undertaken marked a stark contrast to the Obama administration. Then, Army Lt. Gen. Stephen Townsend, the commander of the war against ISIS, had to get sign-off from the White House about the precise number of troops and weapons he wanted to use. With the current deployment, the Trump administration has just left it to him to determine what he needs in Syria. That is, it appears the administration signed off on the ground combat missions but so far has left the details of how to carry out that mission — including those details the Obama White House demanded — to the commander.

BuzzFeed News is also reporting that Defense Department officials are worried putting troops on the ground in Syria without being invited to do so.

Trump has no clue as to what he is doing. Let’s hope someone else has.

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